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TiresTIRESWelcome to the Home of Global Premium Tyres, The best dealer for New and Used tyres across the globe.
What makes us different than other used tire wholesalers? To start with, our quality is unsurpassed, simply put, we provide the absolute best value.
Auto ServiceAUTO SERVICE For affordable repairs or routine maintenance, we have your auto service needs covered accross Europe
WheelsWHEELSComplete the look of your vehicle like a great looking set of wheels. Our wheels provide a stable foundation for your tires.
Retail locationsLOCATIONSPremium Tyres Tire serves tire and auto service needs at convenient locations throughout Europe

There's more than one reason to buy tires that already have road experience. Consider the following:
1) We have a large selection of hard to find sizes.
2) Environmental Friendliness: Promote resourcefulness, not waste when you buy used tire for your vehicle. Let the tire perform for its intended lifespan before sending it off for recycling.
3) Leasing & Resale Value: If you lease a car and need more tread to return your vehicle, don't buy four new tires. Save money with a pre-owned set that meets the requirements instead. If you're trading in your car soon, it's also not a bad idea to swap the like-new tires you recently bought with a used set. This way, you can keep your more expensive tires and satisfy your potential purchaser with a dependable set of used tires in the brand and style preferred.
4) Driving Distance: Not everyone travels long distances each day. If you're a person who doesn't need to take your vehicle out often or far, used tires can last you a very long time. Why pay more for tread you won't use?
5) Tread: If you only need one replacement tire, you might want to search for a tire that matches the wear of your other tires.
6) Affordability: Savings is perhaps the top reason drivers opt for used tires. What beats getting brand name tires for less?

1) Manufacturer's Warranty: Aside from the regular warranty, some tire companies offer Road Hazard and Roadside Assistance.
2) Custom Fit: When purchasing new tires you can choose particular options that are important to you. Cornering, Long Life, Fuel Efficiency Smooth Ride, Aggressive Tread Patterns, Ice Features, Deep Snow Features, Run Flats, etc.
3) Reliability: New tires are built to last and perform according to the manufacturer's description.
4) Affordability: Many new, unrecognized brands provide quality and affordability. Many well known brands are producing cheaper, more affordable tires without compromising the quality. With your tire purchase, we also offer FREE INSTALLATION and BALANCING.
5) Size Selection: Everyday seems to bring a new tire size. Buying new means there is more selection so that matching speed ratings and load index becomes easy.

We inspect our used tires carefully before offering them for sale. For safety reasons, we don't retread nor repair tires unless it's safe to do so. It's our goal to earn and keep your business. To this end, we only sell quality, pre-owned tires to meet your driving needs. Many popular brands are in stock at any time. We pride ourselves on having one of the best used tire inventories in the area.
Wholesale Used Tires by Container
We have been successfully wholesaling quality car and truck tyres for many years, get more info by requesting a quote.
Most of majority of our tires are German tires, Japanese Tires and American Tires
Our German tires, Japanese Tires and American Tires used tires are like new tires

Types of Used Tires for Sale We have a wide selection of used tires for sale in many sizes and types, including:
-Passenger Tires
-Truck Tires
-All-Season Tires
-All Terrain Tires
-Winter Tires
-Van Tires
-Trailers. Tires
-Summer Tires
-Performance Tires
-sport cars Tires
-And more!
ALl this tires are sold at a competitve price. We give discount to buyers depending their order quantity

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